A ColdFusion Validation Framework

About ValidateThis

About the Framework

ValidateThis is a validation framework for ColdFusion objects. Its main goal is to provide a means of generating both client-side and server-side validations from a set of user-defined business rules.

The ValidateThis freamework project was started in October of 2008 by Bob Silberberg. Since then it has enjoyed contributions from a number of additional contributors.

About Team CF Advance

Team CF Advance is a group of CFML developers who believe the CFML community will continue to grow if we embrace the concepts of cooperation and sharing which are the core of Open Source philosophy. Team CF Advance is focused on developing new — and advancing existing — open source software for ColdFusion / Railo / Lucee.

Developers of all walks of life, skill level and experience are welcome to join the team. Our members enjoy the camaraderie of working on CFML projects of all kinds with developers of all levels. Our members enjoy educating and learning, on topics like CFML best practices, testing your code, server administration and Open Source project management.

So, if you have ideas for an Open Source CFML software or just want to sharpen your skills working with other developers on existing projects, consider joining our ranks. You’ll work with like-minded teams of developers towards building quality solutions for the community.

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