A ColdFusion Validation Framework

Get Support


The best first stop when you are having a problem is the Documentation. If what you were looking for is missing in the documentation, please consider submitting an addition or correction to the docs.

ValidateThis Email List

You can also join the ValidateThis Google Group to request support from your peers. You can also search the list archives in case your question has been asked and answered already.

Bug Reporting and Fixing

If you have found a reproducable bug or issue with the code, you have two options:

Option One: If you are able to resolve the bug in code, please submit a Pull Request. More about how to do this is found in the Contribute Section of this site.

Option Two: If you are unable to fix the bug yourself, you can submit a GitHub Issue for the bug. For best results, please be sure to include all information required to reproduce the problem. This project depends entirely on volunteer time. The better information you give, the easier it will be for a volunteer to look at the bug.